Espira Kinderbetreuung

The name 'Espira' is derived from the words 'Spire' (translated from Norwe-gian 'germ / sprout'), 'Spirit' and 'Inspiration'. In this sense, the goal of Espira childcare in Germany is to accompany the children's development in the best possible way and to give them a 'fantastic start in life'. All facilities offer equal opportunities and assured quality to all children and families regardless of in-dividual characteristics such as gender, social class, economic conditions, origin, language or religion. With a holistic pedagogy based on the Scandinavian model, the concept is now also being implemented in Germany. Espira's roots can be found among other things in the importance of daily free-dom of movement with a high outdoor content. Special emphasis is placed on the development of the joy of discovery as well as the development of physical and mental flexibility and strength. The pedagogical level at Espira is very high. The vision is to continue to oper-ate day-care centers of the highest quality and to promote and support the con-tinuous development of competencies of all employees.

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